Services Available

~Synchronicity is happy to work with clients in the US or in the UK using telephone and Skype.
~If you are in countries other than the US and UK, we can work with you via Skype only.
~The telephone numbers in the US & UK that can be used free of charge by the client (local telephone charges and/or cellular minutes apply).
~It is also possible to work Skype to Skype


Psychic Clairvoyant Readings via telephone/Skype   ~~~  £35 per hour (60p per minute)  $60 per hour ($1.00 per minute)

Diane and Heather will give you an in-depth psychic clairvoyant reading with both validations and predictions.  They can focus on any area which you choose – a general overall reading, relationship reading, career / work reading, etc.


Psychic Email Reading   ~~~  £10 Email only,  £15 Email and 10 minute follow-up phone call

Diane will ask you to select 9 numbers, then she will give you an email reading that gives you an overview of what is going on in your life and any specifics given to her clairvoyantly.   You can choose from 2 services:  Email only or Email and 10-min Phone Follow-up.  If you select the option with the phone follow-up, Diane will arrange a time with you when she delivers your email reading for you to ask questions or receive clarification after you’ve reviewed your email reading.


Psychic Development Sessions via telephone/skype   ~~~  £25 per hour (45p per minute)

Diane will work with you to create an individual psychic development plan which will increase your psychic abilities and clairvoyance.  Development sessions can be as often as you feel comfortable – Diane will work with you to create a schedule that allows you to develop at your own pace and gives you time to adjust to opening up your psychic talents.


Psychic Parties ~~~  Prices vary

Heather will work with you to create a fun time for you and your friends that includes some psychic Q&A and individual readings for your friends.  Please contact her for more information. 


Payment  will be collected via Paypal (for phone readings, you are only charged for the amount of time of your reading).