This is what our customers are saying about Synchronicity:

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3 thoughts on “Testimonials

  1. Diane read for me for many months – and was always incredibly accurate and supportive. I asked her if she would mentor me with psychic development, and in 6 months I was professionally reading on UK psychic websites! I worked hard to become a psychic, but Diane led me through it with patience and ease.

    Diane has an incredibly unique way of mentoring her development clients – she customizes each “lesson” to the style that works the best for the individual. Every skill one learns uses best practices Diane teaches, but is specific to what works for you.

    Since my development with Diane, I have received “advice” and tips from many other psychics, but Diane is still the one I turn to when I have something new I want to learn.

    If you want an amazing reading, go to Diane. If you want to explore your spirituality, work with her. In either case you’ll receive the best.

  2. I have known Diane for two years and had a reading with her. Once again, her reading was accurate and very helpful. She clearly has a gift! She will never stop surprising me with the level of details of the information she gives. In addition, she is a very kind, funny, supportive and a gentle person. She is always eager to help and give a very clear guidance on my situation but also the situation of my family members. I have tried other psychics but no one came near Diane’s level. I am extremely grateful that our paths came across!!!

  3. I’ve been going to psychics for more than ten years. One of my first psychic friends explained what a good psychic should do. “Think of it like having a really enlightened girlfriend” she said. She also said that like anyone else, not all psychics are good, just like all doctors are not good. I think people go to psychics when they want to fix or change something about their lives but are lost. The most important part of working with a anyone is trust. Diane is inherently good. I felt that come across loud and clear in my reading. I knew that I found someone that could truly help guide me to the person I want to be and how to navigate some of the things that are changing in my life.. She was spot on in my reading and said things to me that literally gave me chills. At the same time she was able to comfort me and give me great advice about different things in my life. Diane is not only an extremely gifted psychic but her genuinely, kind nature allows trust. When you are looking for guidance and you truly trust the person you’re working with, amazing things can happen.  

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